The project's interdisciplinary character is in accordance with the priorities the Erasmus + programme uses as a base for their strategic partnerships. It contains multidisciplinary and open forms of education in the digital age, as well as an innovative methodology, for example:
– language acquisition through techniques of literary translation
– the effective use of new technologies for the development of a digitally published product solely created by students
In relation to the role of the school as a provider for education, the project aims to support students in acquiring language proficiency and competences, as well as competences in the field of digitisation, to:
– gain insights to the world of translation and the publication of their own text
– use the methods of literary translation in an educational context to improve their articulateness
– increase the motivation to learn two languages, in this case Italian and German, two central languages in the world of European literature
– increase awareness of the complexities of communication
– promote the diversity of languages as a base of the European Union, while also gradually broadening the horizon to other languages and cultures
– understand the role of new technologies in the classroom and their connection to the distribution of languages, and to promote these aspects through the development of an E-book
This project underlines the central role of language competences for the unification of Europe.
The translation workshops facilitate the exchange of coeval students with different mother tongues through intercultural mediation, with the support of language teachers. The project “My words with yours” shows young people the diversity of European culture through contemporary literature, and introduces them to this particular genre of literature.